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I grew up diving in Comoros and many of the other islands of the Mozambique Channel.  Since those first forays into the blue I have traveled and dove the world for more than 30 years.

As a child I mostly partook in freediving, for fun, for food, for love of the sea. Also because I could not afford much equipment that was rare and expensive in that part of the world at the time. Apnea diving, though seemingly simple in its practice, taught me to be tranquil, calm and patient.  It taught me how to interact with the ocean, not to invade its depths or precious treasures and especially not to be greedy when you are there.

When I first tried SCUBA I had no formal training, I did not know of all the risks and I had lots of worry hidden by lots of curiosity. I was nervous but adventurous…..but it was new ideas, new equipment, and new techniques….what was I to expect. Well, decades of experience (and formal training) later, I want to offer to people the knowledge to cope with the concerns of those new ideas, new equipment and new techniques.

I believe in personalized, thorough training of small groups of friends so that they may enjoy diving together, for a lifetime. I do not believe in rushing or hurrying or the ‘fast track’ to simply get people in the water. This is an adventure (with hazards) to learn, grow and share in for the rest of your life. I want to make sure you are comfortable and able to enjoy in one of our ever more increasingly valuable and vulnerable resources……..Our Oceans.

Regards, Eaon


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  1. Ken Williamson

    Hi Eaon… hope all is well with you and Nancy. We saw Old Town San Juan, walked the narrow streets and had a rum at one of the shops along Columbus circle. Raised one to you.

    Glad to meet you. Hope w cross paths again.


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